This, My Columbia

This, My Columbia
... The Columbia River

" Cosmos Cascading " (10x23)

" Cosmos Cascading " (10x23)
August, 2011 id3300

" Blacking Streaking Black Red " ( Right Corner View )

" Blacking Streaking Black Red " ( Right Corner View )
August, 2011 id3286

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Jumping Ship With Me and My Sheepskin - A Poem by John Jay Licata

If you die old
If you die alone
- Very alone
The County sends
The Meat Truck.
They shovel up
Your lifetime's stuff
Into garbage bags
And a computer numbered bin -

Nothing personal,
Nor shame nor sin.
Then the lawyers will take a slice
And even an extra helping or two
Albeit, better he or she
Than a greedy relative
That never gave a fiddle for you.
Well, at least the Sheepskin
- Which reads " with Great Distinction "
Now cast into cyberspace,
Will illicit from the Gods
Perhaps a nod, or a wink or two -

How's that for an irony of denouement -
How's that for a few lines of adieu?
And the crew of gleaners
Will mock with laughter
An old man's sad trappings -
His tarnished house and cache,
Of sentiment and pictures,
From the hay days
And framed in the sepia
Of the long ago -
And then the loose coins
And a mother's gold locket
Slip, with a pence or two
Into the usual pocket.
I tell you, brother
The best plan
To beat the Reapers -
Get aboard your sailboat
And take the duffel bag
With all your special stuff,
Head for the Last Horizon
And standing on the Bow
With steel and steady heart -
Jump into the sea
With the loving arms
Of Yahweh and Eurydice
Awaiting there for thee...
Or, more simply sayable -
Take a drink
Take a pee
And jump into the sea...

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