This, My Columbia

This, My Columbia
... The Columbia River

" Cosmos Cascading " (10x23)

" Cosmos Cascading " (10x23)
August, 2011 id3300

" Blacking Streaking Black Red " ( Right Corner View )

" Blacking Streaking Black Red " ( Right Corner View )
August, 2011 id3286

Saturday, April 03, 2010

"My Calling Card, If You Please"

Ah, the world hath changed!

My calling card
If you please.

The prince comes a-courtin'
An older froggy now,
Wobbly gait, shaky knees
Flights into cyberspace

And the surprising ease
Of the quest for legacy,
To fly with kismet birds
And poets of destiny.

Earthbound no more,
Once swam with the Dolphins
Along a Carmel shore,
Amidst a long forgotten,
Timeless Summer's breeze.

My calling card,
If you please.

Go ahead, take it!
Ride with me
Along the cosmic currents
Of poetic fantasy,

Climb with me
Up the backbones
Of the galaxy
And through the vortices
Of lyrical infinity.

Listen with me
And hear iambic
The verse of Blake
And of Poe and Keats,
At the portals
Of the universe.

Travel allegory with me
On the night wheels
Of the midland train,
As the tracks sing Sandburg
And Frost in America's
Last great refrain.

Meet up with Sir William,
English ladies drinking tea,
And thespians and bards of Nirvana,
In cyber walk cafes
Along the digital path
To word weaver's immortality.

My calling card,
If you will,
Froggy, prince or poet -
None escape the mortal chill.

Come Autumn,
Then comes the freeze
And cast into eternity,
Are lines and words
Such as these.

My calling card,
If you please.